Here are some motocross race crash videos.  Please check back for monthly updates and topical MX information from Paul himself.

Suspension problems? — Is your bike possessed by the Devil? — Is your bike beating you up? Don’t panic! ……… WE CAN HELP!
Whether you are light, heavy, fast or slow we can spring & valve your suspension to suit your requirements. All technical data is derived from electromagnetic shock dyno testing and on-track testing by K-Tech.  No guesswork. No bullshit. — Just tried and tested spec from K-tech, the largest suspension parts supplier in the UK and installed at DMC by experienced technicians who also race bikes and can relate to your problems. Remember, just because your bike is new, it doesn’t mean the suspension is the best it can be for you. Whether your suspension is old and clapped out or new and too stiff WE have the answer.
Servicing, rebuilds and re-valving on all makes of MX ; Enduro and road bikes are carried out at competitive rates in-house at DMC. (authorised K-Tech service agent)

Paul Chiappa.