Our many on-site services include the following ……..

Wheel Rebuildingsm-pro-wheel-rims1

Further to the many other on-site technical services we have provided to both trade and retail customers over the years, wheel rebuilding is another. Both road and off-road wire-spoked wheels can be rebuilt given the correct style  and material of spoke.  Due to the rough and tumble nature of the sport, we find oursleves increasinglyrebuilding the off-road variety where repairs can entail a conventional re-spoke using existing rims and hubs, to one requiring new rims, spokes and welding repairs to the hubs as well (in extreme cases). Motocross wheels are usually rebuilt using quality SM Pro; Talon or Takasago Excel aluminium rims anodised in a  range of colours. These are laced and trued to the hub using finest heavy gauge polished stainless steel Talon spokes to provide wheels stronger and more trick than the originals. All work carried out on the premises……. Your one-stop wheel shop!.


Suspension Rebuilding & Revalving

Any good Motocross rider or your quicker sports-bike rider who likes track days will know the value of good suspension which operates at its best for any given circuit or terrain. On the road it makes for a safer, more predictable ride, and on the motocross track it is absolutely essential to maintain that competitive edge. Fork and shock absorber rebuilds are carried out routinely on the premises using excellent race-proven K-TECH components and settings data. Rebuilds can range from oil changing, to full seal replacement, to complete re-valving, re-gassing and/or re-springing of forks and shock absorbers. It is best to discuss your requirements with us first as costs vary according to the depth of work required in each case.
Call us ….. bring us your suspension …..
Then FEEL the difference!


Cylinder Reboring / Replatingcylinder_iron

We can rebore most iron-linered cylinders from 40mm.Dia. to approx. 95mm.Dia. matching your new piston to the appropriate tolerance whether air-cooled or liquid-cooled. This work we carry out in-house.


The later type of ‘Nikasil’ plated cylinders need to undergo a specialised replating process and these are repaired by the UK’s best in this field. The 7 to 10 day turnaround period is worth the wait as the quality of finish is usually better than ”factory”


Crank rebuilding : crenkshafts

We undertake rebuilding of most types of single-cylinder crankshaft on the premises. Above, the crank on the left has been split and balanced and the one on the right will have the new con-rod assembly fitted. With care, cranks with good crank webs can be trued to zero runout.


Mig / Tig weldingwelding_crankcase

Specialised aluminium welding can be achieved with our TIG equipment. Above is a complete engine crankcase showing extensive repairs to one of the mounting lugs and below is a complete alloy swingarm. These, along with certain radiators; frame components; wheel hubs and even alloy car wheels are typical of the type of work carried out. Certain highly-stressed items such as brake anchor lugs or brake caliper brackets are best replaced with new parts for safety but in all cases it is necessary to assess each job individually for viability and cost-effectiveness.



Tyre Fitting


When the bike season hots up we find ourselves fitting many tyres to all manner of road and off-road machines, hence the selection of tyres you can see above. Although we can obtain most of the popular makes, our core stock is mainly made up of  Bridgestone and Dunlop. ….. and we don’t just keep the popular sizes. The range above covers the majority of scooters; lightweight bikes; trail bikes; sports bikes; cruisers (incl. Harley Davidson) and tourers. We also carry a quantity of small quad tyres and a HUGE selection of Motocross tyres for varied terrain. When you buy from us, if you can bring in your own wheels off the bike …. fitting and disposal of your old tyre is FREE.

Other charges are: – Balancing …. £5 per wheel     Fitting MX tyres …. £5 per wheel       Fitting tyres you supply …. £10 per wheel


Accident  Repair estimates  for Insurance : For approximately 20 years we have carried out all degrees of accident repair ranging from a minor scrape requiring a handful of parts to a major rebuild involving new frame replacement and engine rebuilding. When your insurance company isn’t keen to cover the cost of your repairs we will always endeavour to negotiate the best quality job attainable for the budget they have in mind. Although not always possible, this course of action has saved many a bike from becoming ranked a “total loss” thus leaving the customer with a cheque from their insurance company for usually …….. not nearly enough!!


Scheduled Servicing (most Jap / European) : We routinely service ALL makes of Japanese and European bikes and carry out any warranty or recall work required on any Kawasakis within their warranty period. For other makes of machine it may be worth pointing out that if your machine is still within the manufacturer’s warranty period it would be advisable to have your servicing carried out by a service dealer for that particular make to ensure your warranty remains valid. Once out of warranty, we take over servicing for many of our customers besides Kawasaki riders usually because we have a more accomodating work schedule (for example, workshop open normal hours on Saturdays) and our service costs are far more attractive than many “city” dealerships. We have regular customers who travel 40 to 50 miles to have work carried out  …. must be worth it ??


Recovery / Delivery : We have two vans available for recovery or delivery of your bike should the need arise. We can transport any machine from moped to tourer and regularly attend call-outs from Europ Assistance and Homecare with whom we are approved. Costs vary according to distance. If you require assistance feel free to phone for a quote first.